Automate Responses to Customers.
Reduce support costs, Increase customer satisfaction & Sales.

Without an automated way to answer customer questions directly, you waste valuable human time and reduce customer satisfaction.

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24/7 Customer service

Implement an AI employee that answers 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Trained on your data

We train your chatbot on your internal and external data.


Dashboard solution.

Transcripts, Live chat, analytics and full knowledgebase access.

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Currently winning with Agentflow

“We at Scorett are super satisfied with the results from the chatbot. We can see in the conversations that customers are satisfied with the answers and we have seen a reduced load on customer service regarding outlet questions.”

Vidar Tirén, Ecommerce manager at Scorett

Dashboard solution

Live chat handoff & Conversations

  • Notification when customer requests live chat.

  • Send images via live chat.

  • Save and sort conversations.

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  • View total conversations.

  • Understood messages count.

  • Time retention.

  • And more…

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Knowledge base

  • Manage your data in your knowledge base

  • Full control over answers.

  • Data is automatically synced via URLs.

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Test Knowledgebase

  • Update and test new data directly via dashboard.

  • View the data that AI bases reponses on.

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Agentflow AI


Axel Flerén

Founder & Owner

Extended team

Experts in Chatbot development, to deliver the best product.

Our simple 3-Step Process

  1. Discovery and demo

Together we explore the problems you are facing and present potential functions to solve the problems. Optional to also receive a customized Demo chatbot for this occasion, to discover how an AI Agent for your company can work and look like.

  1. Development

Based on step one, we will develop a complete customized solution for your company. You don't need to develop anything on your side.

  1. Approval & Delivery

You get to test your finished solution, and we make further possible improvements based on feedback. Upon approval, we install your solution and publish it. 

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